CycleCity® is driven by the belief that more urban trips by bicycle translates into happier cities, citizens and planet.

To this end, we develop premium high quality and elegant bicycle parking solutions for specific urban situations. Clever design and a distinct use of materials encourage cyclists to park their bikes in a compact and orderly fashion. At night the floor beneath is subtly lit from integrated led lighting, sustainably powered with solar energy. CycleCity® provides innovative bicycle parking solutions for beautiful cities, it’s a next level of urban bicycle parking.


Inspired by the high capacity a bridge railing offers for parking bicycles, CycleCity Blitz® delivers both high capacity, and an easy and orderly use.


Clever use of space is what makes CycleCity Circle® unique. Bicycles are parked vertically through the easy to use VeluwUp®. Parking and retrieving bicycles can happen from one spot. Therefore the gross required space almost equals the net, sharing space with, and beautifying the city.


With a subtly waved shape of its ground surface, CycleCity Elegant® reduces the impact from parked bicycle in streetscapes by lowering the front wheels. Clever measurements result in orderly bicycle parking. Specifically designed for narrow spaces. It provides subtle bicycle parking, by reducing the visual noise of densely parked bicycles.